The Story of JINPERO

One day in March of 2019, the founders of JINPERO (José & Julian), José with Spanish distiller roots, debated at a glass of gin about the busyness of life and how little time remains to really enjoy with family and friends. The discussion moved on to the variety of gins and ended in how perfect a well presented, fresh and straight gin fits such quality time. “Life is too short not to enjoy it with friends and a real superior dry gin which at the same time also appears as one! Gin… PERO* differente” the Spanish distiller threw in. “Challenge accepted” responded his counterpart - JINPERO was born.

At the center of JINPERO is the superiority of the double distilled and unfiltered dry gin, with handpicked and BIO certified ingredients. Distilled by a local and gold awarded micro distillery near Lucerne, known for its smoothest and finest spirit, which carefully carved out the smooth essences for the suave but distinctive taste. All of it bottled into a timeless awarded piece of art with its natural wooden top. Looking great at any time.  

* Spanish: pero [ˈpero] : but [conjunction] used to show a contrast between two or more things

The Faces behind JINPERO


The two founders of JINPERO share a deep friendship, perfectionism and their common passion for great design, best tasting food and drinks. This is what brought them together and allowed them to create what you know today as JINPERO Superior Dry Gin.

In 2022 the brother of José, Juan Carlos reinforced the team, sharing the same passion for the tasteful and beautiful things.