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The luxury bottle is exclusively designed to frame the Suave Taste of the Superior Dry Gin. It is currently exclusively available in the size of 500ml at CHF 58.- incl. delivery and MwSt.

The price of CHF 58.- includes our 500ml bottle and for a limited time delivery and VAT(MwSt).

Small gifts is what distinguishes you from others and the gift you choose is what you represent. For all your occasions we have your right choice. Whether with or without our 50ml bottle, the opening of our JINSTICK's will be remembered by your giftee.

Finest Swiss Chocolate from Aeschbach Chocolatier enriched with the suave taste of JINPERO Superior Dry Gin.

There are two versions available for the price of CHF 21.-:

  • one box with 11 JINSTICK's
  • one box with 4 JINSTICK's & a 50ml bottle

Get your Limited Edition handcrafted JINPERO Flask by Pinder Bros in two combinations:

  • pure handcrafted masterpiece
    (CHF 65.- for the flask only)
  • handcrafted masterpiece including 50ml JINPERO Superior Dry Gin & 11 JINSTICKS
    (CHF 89.- for the set)

Orders above CHF 50.- include the delivery within Switzerland and EU.


JINPERO c/o Convides AG, Baarerstrasse 78, 6300 Zug

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