AWARDS / REVIEWS awarded us with 98 of 100 points and highly recommends the complex but suave taste of  JINPERO with the perfection and attention to detail of our awarded bottle.

The trio of Vanessa, Bernd and Sebastian are passionate gin lovers and review on regular base gin from all around the world. Their reviewed portfolio and documented collection contains over 200 gins, tonics and gadgets around the world of gin. Please check out their website and follow them on instagram or facebook @ginvasion. > Website (German)


The Swiss national silver medal 2019/20 did honour all our doing but moreover the spirit experts confirmed the highest product quality of JINPERO and the sound and suave taste.

DistiSuisse is the highly recognized national spirit competition of Switzerland with the aim to promote and reward the highest quality Swiss Spirits and Distillers. It is only held every second year and a medal is therefore the biggest goal of every local sprit distiller. > Website


JINPERO was honoured with the Gin & Double Dutch Tonic Bronze Award in the 2019 IWSC International Wine and Spirit Competition in London.

The IWSC, also known as the International Wine & Spirit Competition, sets the international benchmark for quality. For half a century the International Wine & Spirit Competition has been recognising and rewarding the very best wines and spirits in the world. > Website